Finland Shibu

Sōke Katsuse Yoshimitsu Kagehiro established the Suiō-ryū Finland Shibu on 1 July 2013. We are an official branch of the Suiō-ryū directly under Sōke. Jukka Helminen, Taneli Takala and Jussi Jussila are in charge of the Shibu, and function as Sōke’s representatives in Finland and other countries. All members of the Shibu are direct students of Katsuse Sōke. The Shibu is not affiliated with any other organisation or federation.

Contact information:

If you are interested in practicing Suiō-ryū in Finland or elsewhere, please contact us at: info[at]suioryu[dot]fi. You can also contact Jukka, Taneli or Jussi directly.